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You carry a beautiful Medicine within you and we are waiting for you to share your gifts with us. To learn more about your Soul’s Mission, let’s do a reading and dive deep into your Soul Desires and what you align with. During a Mentorship, I am guiding you to embrace and trust your soul’s plan in a 1:1 setting. All of my sessions begin with an Intuitive Reading as a direct gateway to your inner wisdom. 

As a Birth Doula, I support Moms-to-be pre-birth, during labor and postpartum. Find guidance through the sacred passage to motherhood and receive Blessingway for your labor and pregnancy. 

Choose from these programs to learn how to work your magic smarter:


Re-Connect to what brings you joy!

There are many paths that lead to happiness and inner peace. And since you are here now you seem to be looking for next steps to take on.

I’m happy to support you to take on new opportunities in your life.

If you’re:

  • struggling with feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck
  • transforming something that drags you down into something that lights you up
  • wanting to get rid of repetitive patterns in your life
  • wish to know more about your soul path
  • want to merge a spiritual mindset with a street-smart attitude

then we’re a match!

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Sara Auster

When I first experienced a sound bath from New York native Sara Auster, I felt soothed with continuous magical vibrations and relaxed from head to toe. Laying on the floor of MNDFL meditation space, comfortably covered with blankets, my head was facing Sara and numerous Crystal Singing Bowls surrounding her. I was hooked when the first sound waves flowed through my body.


Let's get to know each other

I created this place to let you grow in new ways and widen your perspective. Take a look around. Read. Watch. Connect.
I’m so happy to meet you and hear from you.


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