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Maria Christina Gabriel


My story

Let me share two things I’ve learned so far in life.

I used to be really uncomfortable looking people straight in the eyes.
New situations and not being in control easily freaked me out. #UsedToBeAnIntrovert

Today I laugh loud and freely. Mostly about myself. And about life.
You’ll likely hear me first before seeing me.

I love connecting with people and I go for deep, honest conversations. And it’s even better while sipping on an almond chai latte.

Have you ever heard about people who need a crisis to help them reinvent their life? I was one of them, being chronically sick in my early 20s. It changed me as a person and forced me to reconsider how I treated myself and my body.

Being chronically ill got me back on track with my soul’s mission. It led me to connect to my body in unexpected ways. Trusting my inner voice again. Learning to deeply love myself.

Also, I stopped looking for other people’s approval. That was a tough cookie for me.

Being chronically ill got me back on track with my soul’s mission.


I naturally see possibilities and live a very nomadic lifestyle. I’m German, by the way, and can be a bit of a wild child. I love to say how things are and talk the truth.

I tend to go where my biggest fears are. I know that facing what I fear helps me grow. The soul never wants to stay small. It’s looking for massive expansion.

In my 20s, I approached the art of Energy Healing, was trained as a Light Channel and Reiki Master, attended Shaman School in Peru, and I’m currently being certified as a Health Coach in New York City.

I started this path of self healing while still working as a journalist for numerous renowned magazines throughout Europe.

For a couple of years I merged the world of media and spirituality successfully until I felt the strong desire to be of service in a more profound way.

Following this calling, and turning my spiritual gifts into a business, revealed to me that life can be way more fulfilling than I imagined.

My first Ebook “A Guide to Self Love” was published in September 2015 in Germany, translated to English in 2016 and will soon be available in Spanish, too.

Today, I help people from all over the world get into their happy place and create a life that their souls are dreaming about.


my philosophy

I am.

A writer, leader and entrepreneur at heart.

My work is energetic and intuitive. It blends spirituality with business, allowing clients to access greater healing and fulfillment.

I’m all about nourishing the body, mind and spirit.
Also I believe in understanding your core values and what really drives you.

Building takes time. Have faith. Take actions. Lots of small steps lead to great success. Start before you think you’re ready. Relentlessly honor your soul.

If you decide on one of my mentorship programs, we’ll go deep and transform your fears, so that we can create sustainable change.

We’ll also laugh a lot. Like really a lot.

I’ve successfully worked with some of the biggest voices of the Internet, students, yogis, stay at home parents, digital nomads, psychologists, doctors, journalists, PR strategists and actors looking to expand their business by accessing their soul’s wisdom.

I truly wish you to feel more connected, grounded, empowered and aligned.
Be blessed!


Short bio 

Maria Christina Gabriel is the author of “A Guide to Self Love” and works as a Spiritual Mentor and Health Coach. Apart from one-on-one coachings, she holds keynotes, leads international spiritual retreats and works with the biggest voices of the Internet. She’s especially focused on leading women to live a successful and fulfilled life by consciously taking actions. She shares an enormous readership, both in print and online outlets, and writes and connects through spiritual insights.

Christina started her career as a journalist in Germany and Europe, and became known building new magazine concepts and writing for numerous magazines all over Europe. After taking various stations writing and working around the world, she’s now living in New York City with her husband.

For speaker engagements and press inquiries, email: press@mariachristinagabriel.com

View clips of TV appearances, talks on YouTube and magazine publications.


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