How to Live a Soul Aligned Life

5 Secrets to live a soul aligned life

Ready for transformation? This 5 day video course is all about creating a soul aligned life. You’ll be reminded of the power your soul holds and how to activate it. Start today and sign up for this free course.

How to get through a crisis

How to get through a crisis

No matter where you are at and what types of crisis you are facing, always remember that small steps mean everything. You may not yet be where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.

Sara Auster – A unique blend of sound

Sara Auster

When I first experienced a sound bath from New York native Sara Auster, I felt soothed with continuous magical vibrations and relaxed from head to toe. Laying on the floor of MNDFL meditation space, comfortably covered with blankets, my head was facing Sara and numerous Crystal Singing Bowls surrounding her. I was hooked when the first sound waves flowed through my body.

Time Out in Nature

Time Out in Nature

Do you ever feel like you are about to go cuckoo in your life. Like you’re so overwhelmed, you don’t even know how to handle life anymore? The cure is nature. It’s the place to regain energy, to reconnect with your body through hiking, walking, swimming and to really get your mind off things. This is how to plan your perfect time out in nature!

5 ways to activate your intuition

activate your intuition

Having trouble trusting your intuition? Feeling attached to insecurities and avoidance? When you are constantly in your mind, thinking and reflecting on the why in your current life situation

Self Care for successful witches

self care

Raise your hand if living on a budget sounds familiar to you. Keep it raised when you feel so ready to let the struggle go. When you no longer never again let money stop you from bringing on your wickedness in life.