Soul Reading


You are the Universe expressing itself as Human.


I sincerely believe we are souls incarnating to experience ourselves as human. By connecting back to our souls’ wisdom, we allow to heal not just ourselves but to offer healing to Mama Earth. For each lifetime we choose experiences to embrace and missions which we want to accomplish.

In my life, I felt lost for a long time. There was an underlying feeling of being an outsider, not fitting in or feeling at home on Earth. I kept asking myself why I had these intense feelings of being an outlander and why I chose to come here to experience this perception. I investigated a lot about Star Beings and the secret codes Star Seed Markings hold for our missions. The more I talked about Star Seeds, the more people I met that had similar experiences and didn’t know how to put their feelings in words.

In a Soul Being Reading you’ll learn more about your purpose in life and understand your true soul origin and what mission you came to Mother Earth for. I’ll explore the importance of your horoscope, look for Starseed markings and the elements of fire, earth, air, and water in your birth chart for you. Step by step you’ll realize more about the path you chose in this lifetime – and why you did so. This includes your divine skills, and what is important for you to learn on this life path. I’ll offer you tools for your personal use.

Choose a Soul Reading if you

  • want to learn about your Soul Mission
  • are feeling like you aren’t 100% home on Earth
  • are ready to learn more about why you incarnated here
  • are looking for spiritual insights for your life

You’ll receive your reading in the form of a PDF and audio data which you can easily re-listen to and learn more about your mission.




Soul Reading: € 144


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Soul Purpose Reading