Soul Purpose Reading


You are the Universe expressing itself as Human.


Do you long to know more about your mission and what your purpose in life is? In this reading, I will investigate your soul’s origin, your divine skills, and potentials and connect you to powerful guardians on your life path. Together, we’ll see how you can bring your soul purpose into your every day and live up to your highest destiny. I reference both numerology and astrology in my readings, along with my intuitive knowledge. You will receive a chart of your core numbers, as well as an intuitive totem animal summary.

The Soul Purpose Reading serves you with higher truth and helps you integrate all aspects of your personality. For this reading, I combine information I received intuitively to your personal astrology and numerology. You will have a chance to ask a question once your reading is delivered to you.


Choose a Soul Purpose Reading if you

  • want to learn about your Soul Mission
  • are searching for more alignment in your life
  • are going through times of change and want to re-navigate your path
  • are ready to integrate who you are into what you do
  • are looking for spiritual insights that will let you beam with joy

You’ll receive your reading in the form of a PDF and audio data which you can easily re-listen to and help you stay on track.




Soul Purpose Reading: $ 144


Payment goes securely through PayPal and can be done directly here.



Please note that I’ll need your date of birth, time and place for this as well as your full name. Please make sure to fill out your information accurately and pay through PayPal first. Your reading will take about 7 days max and will be emailed to you directly.


Soul Purpose Reading