Spiritual Mentoring

Are you currently at a crossroad in life and feel directionless? Feel like something’s missing and you’re not yet living your purpose? Or do you already have a big vision and been longing for a shift but have no idea how? If you’re ready to take the steps that will lead you to a more fulfilled and radiant life, business or relationship, my mentoring program is exactly right for you. I’ll share my spiritual and business knowledge with you, give you deep insights and step-by-step recommendations to get going and obtain meaningful results. You’ll discover that your soul has all the answers and learn to follow your souls’ guidance.


Choose Spiritual Mentoring if you

  • are looking for guidance for your life
  • want to release fear, frustration, self-doubt or lack of self esteem
  • are ready to get back into alignment with your soul
  • are ready to overcome objections and self sabotage in business or relationships
  • are looking for action and results that will let you beam with joy
  • challenge your core beliefs and get on the road to success
  • want to create a prosperous business out of your spiritual and empathic gifts

Mentoring starts with a series of questions that will kickstart the process and give you the opportunity to become clear about what keeps holding you back in life and getting to the root of change. We’ll have an intimate, honest and sacred time together that will provide you with concrete feedback, high impact insights and results you’ll love.

Let’s start with a free call to get to know each other and see which setting works best for you! Contact me to schedule your call. If you choose one of the three options below, you’ll have me at your side between each call. We’ll be in touch regularly and you’ll receive tools and tasks that guide you through your process and get you into a place of intuition and self-trust.


Fast Feedback: 1 hour Mentoring intro € 160
Action Plan: 3 x 1 hour-Sessions Spiritual Mentoring € 475

You can securely book your Fast Feedback or Action Plan right here via Paypal. Once your payment was received, I’ll send you all further details.

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  • Each private session includes recording and customized homework for you
  • Reading of the Akashic records to support your soul's purpose and connection
  • Step by step action plan to guide you through the process