10 Healthy Hotspots in New York City

Living in New York City for 3 years of my life has brought me a lot of inner and outer change. Leaving this city made me realize, how lucky I am to have a place that saying goodbye to isn’t easy. NYC is an information super disco. It makes everything seem a bit more important, a bit more thrilling, a bit more like an achievement to make it here. NYC is also the home to some of the best healthy places for body, mind, and spirit. This is your healthy hotspots list for your next visit and an upgrade to my 24 Hours in East Village list.  Enjoy your healthy hotspotting!


1. For your mind: Inscape
It’s the place to chill out in the heart of Manhattan. An incredibly beautiful and modern meditation space that also offers all sorts of fun goodies like crystals, adaptogenic powders, books, and more. Inscape also offers an app for at-home meditation.

Address | 45 West 21st Street
Website | inscape.life


2. For your spirit: Enchantments
How can one ever live in NYC without having stepped foot into this bewitched East Village gem? Go there for your personalized ritual candle, leave with lots of more stuff like Inscence and ritual oils. This tribe knows what’s up, so don’t be shy about telling what you need. They also have folders laying around with an overview of their total line of goods and its effect.

Address | 24 East 9th Street
Website | enchantmentsincnyc.com








3. For your body: Woom Center
This isn’t just yoga, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience. Woom Center connects sound healing, visual travels, and vinyasa yoga to an incredibly deep session. I especially love their Woom Yoga Experience in a room that had a desert projected on its walls. Felt like a mini-vacay before entering NYC’s busy streets again. Which brings me to…

Address | 274 Bowery, 2nd Floor, New York (bet. Houston & Prince)
Website | woomcenter.com










4. For your body: Supernatural
I highly recommend stopping by the Wooms’ Café called Supernatural for a herbal tonic. This place offers all kinds of superfood goodies for your health. Its founder, Rachelle, is a beautiful soul and Urban Herbalist that also mixed individual, personalized potions for you.

Address | Inside Woom Center
Website | instagram.com/rachellerobinett

5. For your body: Brodo

Brodo is the Gucci of broths in NYC. It’s East Village location is just around the corner from our home and probably the only place that sells broths in to-go-mugs. There’s a small hole in the wall where you can order your soup  (take their signature style) and it’s really the best on a cold day in NYC. Be aware of the price tag, though.

Address | 200 1st Avenue
Website | brodo.com









6. For your mind and body: Cap Beauty
Cap Beauty is a mekka for everyone interested in non-toxic natural skincare, supplements, and groceries. The two founders are looking for the best of the best when it comes to stocking this tiny store in West Village and to be honest, that’s just the quality of products you can get here. Come for the Jiva-Apoha Oils and leave with just everything else plus a facial in their own spiritual spa.

Address | 238 WEST 10 STREET
Website | capbeauty.com


7. For your body: The End Brooklyn – plant alchemy tonic

There’s always room for tonics and unicorns! This small BK place is a true heaven serving local products and fantastic plant-based mylk products. Truly, lattes never looked so good and colorful!

Address | 522 Metropolitan Ave
Website | thendbrooklyn.com





8. For your body: Saltwater Coffee
Australians know a thing or two about coffee and NYC is home to some really great Australian Coffee Places. At Saltwater Coffee you can enjoy your traditional coffee with plant mylk or go all in for a different experience like black charcoal vanilla chai. Anyone?!

Address | 345 East 12th Street
Website | saltwaternyc.com


9. For your body: Superiority Burger
This place has the tastiest vegan and vegetarian Burger options in all of NYC. ‘ nuff said.

Address | 430 East 9th Street
Website | superiorityburger.com

10. For your body, mind, spirit: Flower Power
This shop is a dream come true for all herbal-obsessed kids like me. They sell all kind of plants, flowers, and roots and also help you figure out what you need for your own personal blend. I stock up on nettle, oat straw, and dandelion root here for my personal infusions to support me in the busy NYC lifestyle.

Address | 406 East 9th Street
Website | flowerpower.net

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