Time Out in Nature

Time Out in Nature

Do you ever feel like you are about to go cuckoo in your life. Like you’re so overwhelmed, you don’t even know how to handle life anymore? The cure is nature. It’s the place to regain energy, to reconnect with your body through hiking, walking, swimming and to really get your mind off things. This is how to plan your perfect time out in nature!

Exploring: Montauk Getaway

Exploring Montauk Gateaway

One of my favorite escape form the city is called “The End” and it takes about a 2,5 hours drive to get there. Since my first trip to beautiful Montauk,

Bali: Exploring Canggu

Bali exploring canggu

Canggu, Bali, is emerging as a stylish, design-savvy destination characterized by contrast, as it is by abundant sun, sea and surfers. Explore a city that for sure is anything but conformist.

Traveling as a form of therapy

Traveling as a form of therapy

Traveling has always been an art of pure adventure for me. I love exploring new countries and cultures and my parents took me for trips through the jungle of Brazil way before kindergarten.

10 sacred places around the world

Get an overview of the 10 most sacred places in the world and what the energy holds for you here. In my life I often made the experience that in order to step up to my own wisdom I had to travel …