Check out my altar (and learn to do your own)

Check out my altar

It’s altar-o’clock! Whether you want to call it an altar, shrine or a place of mindfulness: It’s the intention that creates the magic, not the name. Today, let’s dive into creating a great setting and you can get some inspiration by checking out my altar and what I actually use for it.

I recommend creating a personal altar in your home. A place that holds all your positive intentions and little things of meaning. Also, use it to give thanks and blessings to the Earth and stay aware of this wonderful system you are part of. Maybe you already have one but didn’t decorate it yet? It’s about time, with the changing seasons and energies.

Your altar can be the place where you light a candle once a day; maybe you meditate here and find new inspiration and place a vision board to ask for guidance on your path. It is here to remind you of being committed to your path and to have a place to turn to when you feel lost.

I believe an altar is a mirror of your soul. I’ll show you seven steps to create this place of power for yourself.

Let’s check out my altar:
A lot of things you see actually represent Mother Earth and the elements, like the plants, water, candle light and sea shells. I also use oils to bless candles before using them and put a special intention into the universe. The sea shells also represent womanhood and the female energy, money represents abundance and the constant flow of energy in my life. The crystals on my altar are mostly put there to recharge them because I work with these on a daily basis.

Ganesha is my homeboy and I have a big collection of Ganesha statues plus a pretty cool tattoo on my rip cage that I’m madly in love with.

What you’ll find on my altar

You can also go over to my favorite tools and resources to learn more about the crystals and herbs and where to buy these.

So, here are some things you should keep in mind when you are creating you own altar at home:

1. The right place is always where you feel comfortable and have peace. It doesn’t need to be a lot of space. Maybe you put a few beautiful objects on a blanket directly on the ground or you use a stool to decorate it. It is important that you feel comfortable around it and like to spend time with your altar, so chose a space that gives you this feeling.

2. Let nature be there! Your place of power should include Mother Nature. Use stones, feathers, leaves, chestnuts, sand – whatever you feel called to include and makes sense to you. I also use objects to symbolize our elements: a candle for fire, a glass with water, some wood, earth or sand and metal. Include shells as a symbol of the sea and womanhood and some incense like sage to clear the space of low energies.

3. Let go of perfection Free yourself of how things should be. It’s your place of power, your soul mirror. Following your instinct on how you feel like decorating and maybe change it with the seasons. My altar includes malas, photos, postcards, holiday memories, and it changes all the time. Look for things that give you strength and joy.

4. Set intentions Your altar is a place of union and connection. So be aware of your intentions. What do you want to experience when you are spending time here? Peace? Stillness? Bonding? Is it a place to pray or meditate? Or to daydream? Or all of these? Take a moment to feel what kind of energy you’d like your altar to hold. Narrow it down to one word. Stay with this word while you take some deep breaths.

5. Bless your altar Do you have everything set up and are you happy with what you see? Great! Think about your intention again and hold your hands up above the altar. Send this place your love and respect. Tell it how grateful you are for having it in your life and call in your guidance angel if you feel like it. You can not only shift energies like this but also lift them up.

6. A place of strength Make your altar to the projection field for all the best in your life. Add symbols of desires, visions, ideas and joyful moments on the altar as well as things you are grateful for. Write it down or use pictures and place it there. Be there as concretely as possible. Think big!

7. Consistency Make this a place you spend time at on a regular basis. It can be a couple of minutes to light a candle or say a prayer. Maybe you feel like taking a morning or evening meditation here. Use this sacred place to ground yourself and remind yourself of your dreams.

Feel free to share your pic of your new or re-decorated altar and let me know what you’ll use this space for!


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