Coffee Enema on a Healing Mission

I heard about Coffee Enemas and its benefits for the first time during my studies at Institute of Integrative Nutrition. However, it took me another couple of months to first start working with this powerful plant product. While I was keen to detox my lymphatic system and liver I learned how coffee enemas can flush out toxins and Candida from the liver. So I was curious to try it as a detoxifier and frankly, I loved it ever since.

Generally, enemas clean the colon which is linked to your immune system, so you may see the benefits overall. By the way: Even when you are sensitive to coffee – by using an enema, you don’t bother the stomach in the same way you would when drinking coffee.

Please note: This is the way I do and use coffee enemas personally for myself. You should always check with a healthcare professional and make sure coffee enemas are the right choice for your body. It might even be a health issue to you, so be responsible about your body and how you treat it.

What you’ll need to do a coffee enema at home:

  • Enema Kit (I got this one)
  • 2 tbl spoons of organic coffee beans
  • 2 cups of filtered water
  • Pot
  • Nut milk bag or clean cotton T-Shirt
  • Coconut oil

I like to do the enema early in the morning so I have time to rest afterward. The total process takes about 20 minutes and it’ really easy. Put the coffee beans into the pot and add filtered water. Bring to boil and let simmer for about 15 min. I like to do dry brushing or get into the shower meanwhile. Let cool until body temperature. Strain through nut milk bag or Shirt into a glass jar.

Set up a comfy place on the bathroom floor. I normally put some towels and a pillow on the floor and like to listen to Podcasts while using the enema.


Assembling your enema kit

Hang your enema bag to fill is easy. Make sure the nozzle to pour the coffee down is in off-position. Fill the bag with the filtered coffee. I prefer letting the leftover air in the tube and first drops of coffee out over the sink. You’ll get the hang of it.












Take the bag into the bathroom and hang it on the shower rail. Lie down on your towel on your right-hand side with your knees drawn up. Gently insert the nozzle till it’s about 1 inch inside the rectum (coconut oil is your friend here). Turn on the flow of coffee slowly and wait until the bag is emptied.

Now, relax and try to let the coffee stay in as for 10 minutes. Great time to catch up on our favorite podcast. I also like to softly massage my tummy while waiting. You might hear some funny noises and you’ll probably feel like going to the toilet right away. Try to hold on for a moment to see if it changes – quite often the sensations pass.

When you are ready to release, head to the toilet. Take your time and rest afterward. Notice how you feel.


Important: Clean your enema kit with an antibacterial mild detergent after using it. I do an enema daily or every other day while I am on my inner cleaning mission.

Let me know if you’ve tried coffee enemas before and in what way they benefitted you.



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