Easy Energy Cleanse Rose Peeling

August is gonna be one kind of a month for us. While we are facing 5 retrogrades and 2 eclipses a lot can come up on the inside making us feel exhausted, tired and overwhelmed. This might be extra hard on your when you are highly empathic and don’t just feel your own vibes but also those energies from the people struggling around you. Something my teacher Alan Watts said that keeps coming back to me is:

One seeks and seeks, but cannot find. One then gives up, and the answer comes by itself.

– Alan Watts

This time of the year is going to be all about big teachings and revelations. Looking at our shadow aspects and asking us what mindset is still holding us back. Shedding all skin so the new can unfold in all its magic and glory. Let’s say it’s a good time to do regular energy cleansing rituals so you aren’t stuck in the old that wants to go (Really you don’t want to lay in bed with it and ask yourself why you feel so exhausted).

As you have been following me for some time you know I’m a DIY girl. I love prepping my own lotions, incense, body oils, house cleaning sprays and  … peelings. This Rose Peeling is super easy to do and works magic. I use it in a foot bath, in the shower or as a bathing salt. While the sea salt eliminates low-frequency energy, the rose opens your heart chakra so old pain and emotional struggle can be released from your emotional body. Do a foot bath at night before going to bed – you will feel so different.

What you need for the Energy Cleanse Rose Peeling:

  • Organic Sea Salt
  • Organic Rose petals (as you’d use as well for teas)
  • 100% pure rose oil
  • coconut oil
  • bowl, spoon, and glass with lid (Mason Jar)

How to:

Put the salt in a bowl and mix with rose petals and 10 drops of rose oil. Pour into a glass and add a spoon or liquid coconut oil. Close the glass with lid and shake through while giving in your intentions:

May this peeling help me to let go of what I no longer need so I can walk in love. 

Let the mix rest over night so the oils can do their work and use the next day.














That’s it! Easy please, right? Plus, you are not producing any plastic trash, don’t put chemicals on your skin and it’s your own magic energy that works in this. If you know someone that is struggling with emotions and exhaustion right now, this can be a great gift of love for them.

Note: Test the salt in a small amount of your skin to avoid irritations. Don’t use if you have allergies etc against the ingredients.

I love using this in my baths or in a foot bath.



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