Mama Blessings

Mama Blessings

Are you ready to conceive or are you pregnant and looking for blessing ceremonies to guide you spiritually along this transition? Mama Blessings provides you with a deeper understanding of conception and how your spirit relates to fertility. You’ll receive powerful resources to go into ceremony, nourish your body and learn how to use energy to connect with your future baby.

As a Birth Doula and Spiritual Mentor, I’m all about revealing the sacred connections we share with spirit. Conceiving, going through pregnancy, labor, are sacred passages in the life of a woman. Are you ready to check-in with spirit and cherish what your child wants to teach you even before you meet?

Starting in German on May 25th. English coming soon. 



Mama Blessings  

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  • Connect with the spirit of your future child and learn how to set space for it
  • Learn to trust your intution leading you in and through pregnancy
  • Celebrate this sacred passage with rituals that comfort you