High Spirit Foods to Support Your Spiritual Practice

During my Holistic Health Coaching Studies, I loved to learn so much about the energetic component of foods. How veggies that grow beneath the soil help us to feel more grounded in times of stress and fruits like cherries and pears can easily uplift our mood. I really don’t align with the term “superfoods” – however, there’s some candy of Mama Earth that supports you in all the best ways, while nourishing body, mind, and spirit.

Throughout my years working with clients going through transitions I also found that adding specific foods to your diet can help to balance you emotionally and keep you more connected to yourself. The food you choose to nourish yourself with isn’t just a way of remaining at a healthy weight or nourishing your body – the right food will nourish and uplift your whole being. It will affect you in the best ways possible and to me, I always love to see my skin as a reflection of the food that does my body all the good. You just get that special glow when you are fueled and body, mind, and spirit are aligning. So today, as I’m on my own path to re-birth in this body and the way I treat and nourish myself, I’d love to share my choice of High Spirit Foods such as Mushroom, Herbs and Roots that support your spiritual practice and make you feel a whole lot more balanced. Let’s go!

REISHI | This mushroom is widely used in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and if you have been following me, you know I have a Reishi Tea every day and I love it. The great thing about Reishi is that it carries this deep Zen mood, this ability to calm your nervous system. Reishi is high in antioxidants and recognized as an adaptogen herb and helps you to deal with the effects of stress. You can take it as tea, powder, extract, in your smoothie, raw cookies and so much more … Living in NYC, I found out, I work best having Reishi in the morning. More Zen, anyone? Get your Reishi here.

FERMENTS | You gotta love your Sauerkraut! Being German and living in NYC I am constantly on a quest to find great Sauerkraut. Its taste just reminds me of home and as Sauerkraut is fermented, it helps my gut in all the best ways. Your gut is where your immune system and bacteria meet. In order to feel healthy and have clarity of mind, you want to support your gut and digestive system in all the best ways. Start adding small amounts of fermented food such as Kimchi, Pickles or Kombucha (look for the sugars here) in your daily diet and you’ll see your mindset shift. A whole new way of feeling connected!

ASTRAGALUS | This root is called the great protector. It’s traditionally used in soups as a support of the immune system and strengthening your Chi. It also has a great effect on the skin, which is interconnected on so many levels (read above). Personally, I found astragalus as a great mood shifter, it makes me feel more grounded and in a happier state of being. To me, it works very gently, as I like to add the powder to my infusions or porridge. Its taste is a little sweet. This root is a power booster. Get your Astragalus here.

CACAO | There is way more to Cacao than your sweet chocolate treat. The Incas called Cacao the drink of the gods. Using raw cacao beans (they taste like a mix of strong coffee and berry to me) are a great way to improve your memory, reduce heart disease, boost immunity, and create loads of happy, healthy energy. Because of its hormonal balancing qualities, raw cacao is also a great aid for PMS. Get your raw cacao here. 

LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL| You probably know Chlorophyll as the pigment that makes plants green and helps to transfer light into energy. It’s rich in vitamins and antioxidants which help eliminate fungus from your body (talking about that healthy gut), it detoxifies the blood and cleanses your intestines.  I experience Chlorophyll as a great overall energizer, especially in times when you feel stressed out or as life is giving you too much to handle. Plus: It beats bad breath like no other. Get your Chlorophyll boost here.

As always, check for what is working for you, consult a health coach or nutritionist or work with a spiritual mentor to see which foods would specifically fit you.



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