How to make your own Mantra Cards

How to make your own mantra cards

There are few things that are as satisfying as pulling off a successful DIY project to me. I love creating my own individual pieces and have written lots of tutorials for big magazines in the past on how to create your own home decor, jewelry and even furniture.

Today, I’d  love to show you how to make your own dip-dyed mantra cards. I am sure you are working with mantras and affirmations as well. Instead of just writing them on a post it and hanging them on your bathroom mirror, I love to create my personalized mantra cards. It’s a unique and fun way of reminding myself what to focus on and it makes me much happier looking at these than seeing another post it. Plus: My energy is all in it and enjoying the flow already.

Ready to create your own cards? Let’s get started! Roll up your sleeves. These Mantra Cards are super quick and easy to do – and are an amazing gift for friends as well!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • thick blank paper cards
  • acrylic paint in 3 different colors to mix
  • use newspapers or board as protecting base
  • glasses or containers for the color baths
  • water
  • brush for mixing and sprinkling
  • kitchen papers and some books or magazines as weights
  • scissors
  • sticks of palo santo
  • 2-hole-punch
  • yarn
  • pen
  • some masking tape and feathers for decoration


Let’s get the D.I.Y.-Party started!


How to do your own mantra cards











Pour water in glasses, mix some acrylic paint in and stir. The more color you add, the more intensive it will show. Use contrasting colors for beautiful effects on your cards.


How to do your own mantra cards










Get your paper cards ready for the first color bath. You can choose to dip the cards in the different colors and mix them for beautiful effects or just stay with one color. Go with what you love and be curious! Best effects always happen unplanned.

How to do your own mantra cards










Dip the first paper card in the color bath and let it stay in the liquid for some seconds. Pull out to see if color has the intensity you want to go for. Otherwise, dip it back in again.


How to do your own mantra cards










If the color has taken on, pull the card out and move it to let the last drops make beautiful effects on the paper. Put the dipped card between to sheets of kitchen paper and use magazines or books as weights on top to avoid wrinkles in the dried card.


How to do your own mantra cards










Repeat the process and try different ways of dipping and mixing colors.


How to do your own mantra cards










Use the brush to sprinkle some extra color effects on your card if you like.
Let dipped paper dry for 30 minutes between kitchen paper and under the magazine weights.


How to do your own mantra cards










Take a fully dried card and punch two holes in the top so you can hang it later. Now, write your personal mantra on it and let ink dry.

Get your scissor, the palo santo and yarn ready.


Let dipped paper dry for 30 minutes between kitchen paper and under weights.









Cut off a long pice of yarn, pull through the holes and hang the card evenly. Use the Palo Santo as a weight, wrap the yarn on the left and right side of the wood and fixate with the knot on each side. Bring the ends of the yarn together in a final knot to hang. Make sure it’s all even so your card will be displayed beautifully.

Use masking tape, yarn or feathers to decorate as you like.


How to make your own mantra cards









Hang it. Done!


Yay, you made it! Enjoy your mantra cards and use the other ones for new mantras or to give to your friends and family as a gift.

I hope you enjoyed this project. Let me know if you want to see more.





6 responses to “How to make your own Mantra Cards”

  1. Great idea! I thought right away that I could use my palo santo sticks for it, haven’t noticing that is what you recommend:) By the way I am new soul on your blog, I am absoloutely in awe with simplicity and beauty of it. I really appreciate your work! For me you are bringing spirituality to another level, not something you could hide from another people being afraid of judgements and being not understood to something I could be somehow proud of. Although I generally avoid feeling of pride:)
    Thank you for contributing to this switch in my thinking:)

    • Thank you so much for your words! I love the Palo Santo as it has this amazing smell, so every time I walk past my cards, I can take a deep breath and enjoy this deep woody smell in the air! Enjoy making your own mantra cards

  2. Liebe Christina!

    Das ist so ein schöner Artikel! Ich habe sofort Lust bekommen, auch solche Mantra Karten zu kreieren! Meine Tochter wäre auch sehr begeistert dabei!
    Vielen Dank für die Inspiration!

    Und was mir noch ganz wichtig ist: ich kann mich Roana wirklich nur anschließen! Sie hat es so gut ausgedrückt!! Schön, dass es Dich gibt und ich Dich gefunden habe!! <3

    Fühl Dich herzlich umarmt!

    Liebe Grüße

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