My Mission

I seek to …



My work is hands-on, compassionate and hitting the sweet spot. I believe in #FeelingIsHealing and am passionate about life and change. Some growing pains are hard to cope with but everything gets easier when someone navigates you through the darkness. Intimacy, trust, and connection all change your perception of the world. That’s why I live my life and teachings from these three core values:

– Education –

I challenge the conventional to offer you dogma-free, modern soul work. My wish for you is to learn how to feel connected, loved and keep on growing in life.


– Empowerment –

Knowledge is where it all starts. I provide support and resources for your journey. I show you how to create space to learn. Judgement-free, intuitive, sustainable, fun.


– Experience –

You can read all you want. Together, we will put your knowledge into action. Identifying what nourishes your spirit. Unfolding your medicine. Practicing.