A Dose of Love

2017 has been a time of transition for me. A time of changes, of vulnerability, of rawness. There are a lot of things in my life that no longer fit to my philosophy and of working with Mother Earth. This means living a toxic-free, slower, more creative life, going plastic free (more on this is to come in September) and getting back into nature, most likely to the mountains for a while. So, currently, I’m in transition from the old that no longer is and the new that is being born in all its rawness into this world. And I can tell you, being in this in-between zone takes a lot of energy. At times impatience is crawling in, thoughts are twisting and it’s good to remember to take it slowly and simply.

So over the last weeks, I put together a list of inspiring and fueling topics, that helps me through this transition and nourishes body, mind and spirit.

A dose of love for your body

Energy Cleanse Foot Bath | You can read all about it here and use the salt as a peeling, in a bath ritual or foot bath. As you likely won’t feel grounded while going through a transition, I’d do a nice foot bath to clear the energy that is resisting you from accepting where you are at.

Yoni Steam | Calendula, Rose and Mugwort make this steam a beautiful mix to help you release stagnation. Never tried it before? You’ll find lots of inspiration and how-to in my Pinterest board as well.


A dose of love for your heart 

Rose Oil and Breast Massage | Make a daily self-massage part of your ritual. Times of transitions can be hard on the heart. It can make you feel stressed out, super hard on yourself and judgemental. Stay soft, feel your heart, your skin, your breast and celebrate the connection. Change rolls in to uplift you. Stay in the flow of things. Plus: Rose opens the heart center

Heart Meditation | Learn how to trust the awakening of your heart with this beautiful talk by Tara Brach.


A dose of love for your mind 

Spend less: Clothes shopping is not a hobby | Spend less, more wisely. Think about what you really need as in times of transition your taste is more likely to change. Go for the simple, high quality, local produces items. You really do not more clothing to cover your need to feel more.

Ease the busy | Do you keep yourself double the business? Checking emails while having breakfast. Looking on insta while drinking coffee? We got so used to not be present with just doing one thing and fully enjoying it. Allow yourself to cut back. Do less. Experience more. Get the busy out of your system for a while. See how it makes you feel.

Blessings for your sacred journey!


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