Nurturing your soul through a transition

I know. It has been weeks since my last post. It’s not that I did not have the time or motivation to write. It’s just that my soul didn’t feel the need to write any articles. It made me feel pressured to even think about it. It got my back into the feeling of my old journalistic lifestyle of deadlines and being a content creation machine. It felt like a big no-no so I followed that voice and instead journaled a lot, traveled and faced some demons aka fear, death, and re-birth.

Choosing love over fear

In a quick wrap up, I learned to let go again of the fear I faced over the last months. I’ve been through a crash course in dying and experienced two of my best friends moms pass away within weeks of being diagnosed, we lost a friend in the terror attacks and there has just been a lot that got me out of my inner peace and in fright mode. I knew it was essential to heal and to take out time if I didn’t want to keep these fears for the next years. So I did. I went in nature. I hiked. I walked the medicine wheel.

The angels also guided me to some pretty intense healers and if you follow me on my insta you probably know how much I keep raving about Erin Breathwork Session. Every session I had with her so far was life changing. I also learned that I need a day off after her sessions as my body needs so much rest and time to integrate. I’ll soon write about my experiences with Erin in a different post. If you get a chance to work with her, I highly recommend doing so.

If you’re in Germany I totally say, go and get a session with my amazing breathwork bestie Christine. She’s teaching a different style that is also super effective and highly transformational. Breath is about becoming aware, about tuning to your body’s super powers and get back into a natural rhythm.


Healing happens in waves of small steps

As I healed and gathered information about how the new me wants to live, I went back to a vegan, plant-based way of eating. The universe guided me to focus on birthing new things and supporting those that go through the transition of motherhood. I became a Birth Doula and I love it. It feels like a homecoming. I have no idea in how many lives before this I practiced this work but it’s so familiar that I have to laugh about it. Good things take their time we like to say in Germany. True for this one. Healing isn’t that one aha moment. It exists of numerous small steps that all belong together. There are peace and concept even in chaos.

Mostly, I took a lot of time to write just for me (3 journals in total). It was healing to write down my thoughts and reconnect with my heart along the way. I believe journaling is a powerful way of nurturing your soul through a transition. It keeps your mind clear so you can hear the silent voice of your heart again. I asked myself some big questions that I came back to over the course over a couple of weeks. I’d now like to share some of these questions with you. You may want to write these down and sit with them for some time. Chances are, you aren’t the same person you were yesterday, or when 2017 started. Give yourself the chance to heal through transitions and peel back the layers of how things should be.



Healing is not optional

  • Step 1 – An invitation for self-care | What is working for me right now?
    Simple question and so necessary. What’s your status quo? What foods make you feel happy? How much movement and activity do you practice and how does it feel? How are your relationships (romantic and social) going? Take what’s working as a fundament. Invest and figure out what you can release because it doesn’t do you any good.
  • Step 2 – Emotional Check-In | What feelings have I mostly been feeling lately?
    Are you moving so fast, you don’t even know you feel anymore? It’s essential to check in with yourself and get out of auto-pilot mode. Close your eyes, connect with your body, your heart. Gently rest your hands on your belly and listen. What have the majorities of your feelings been lately? Are your needs met? Where are your feelings asking for more balance? Sit with this and learn to pause and listen.
  • Step 3 – Healing is a process | What issue do I need to focus on healing right now?
    What’s not being said? Who do you need to forgive for their shortcomings? What did your heart scream for and never received? What actions and people are you being guided to naturally? How could they help you heal?
  • Step 4 – Learn to slow down | Where do I try to continue business as usual – what do I fear?
    As long as we think,  try out solutions from a mental point of view only, stay in our behavior and issues, we will keep getting triggered. And most of those triggers are based on stuff we fear. To me, healing is a spiritual practice so I need to remind myself to calm down. To walk as slow as I can in the park, to do less, talk less … so I can see where old habits kick in and what fears are triggering them.
  • Step 5 – Building anew from the inside out | What makes me feel most alive and how can I expand this?
    Psst – what makes you feel alive aren’t things 🙂 Take your time and focus on the special moments in your life, on the people who shower you with love, to the mentors, the way you felt after achieving something you thought you couldn’t do. Find ways to get more of this in your life.

So, here we are. New Status quo. Wherever you may be at in your life, take the time to nurture your soul. Stay connected to who you are.



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