Plastic-Free September

Looking back now, I can’t say when this urge inside of my first raised its voice. What I do remember is the clarity it brought. The definite idea that if I’d want to keep on working with Mama Earth, I’d need to change my ways. I’d need to stop creating plastic trash, use paper coffee cups and any kind of toxins (chemical as well as emotionally) in my life. It was more than the voice of intuition talking to me and it sure gave me an option: You can say Yes or No – there’s no maybe or later available here.

Living in New York City my consumption of throw-away items has slowly increased over the last two years. And it took me a while to understand that even most of the sustainable cleaners and cosmetics I bought still come in plastic bottles. These last months brought the wind of change into my life and created a shift. A deep desire to get rid of plastics in our household, office, in my every day and see how little trash I’d actually produce.

These last months brought the wind of change into my life and created a shift inside of me. A deep desire to get rid of plastics in my lifestyle and see how little trash I could produce. Every. Single. Day.

Going through this shift helped me realize how much plastic was actually part of my everyday life choices. I needed dozens of reminders not to grab the bottle of my favorite coconut water on the go anymore or prepare to take water with me and so much more.

There were Toothpaste, Shampoos, Hair Masks, Home Cleaner, Cosmetics, Organic Granola, Coconut Yoghurts, Juices and Coffees … Basically, my lifestyle creates a massive plastic tower each month.

What I felt was a deep calling: NO MORE.

This needs to stop. I need to stop with this mindless habit and see how I can give back to Mama Earth and do my part. Being a Virgo and somewhat perfectionistic about lifestyle choices, I also knew I needed a soft shift. Something that was sustainable and showed me that this was actually possible for me to do. Compromises that would work every day and that I was able to afford. I became a student and teacher at the same time.

What I came up with the first month was a jar where I had to pay $5 bucks every time I did buy something plastic out of habit – and donate the money. It sure did its job.

I had to change the way I shop (did you ever realize how much plastic awaits you in your Organic Supermarket?!), learn to carry glass around with me, start cooking at home to take food with me instead of getting it somewhere for lunch outside when I’m at the office.

Overall preparation is the first step to go plastic free. I’m still learning every day and I’d love to share this journey with you.

Let’s take the month of September, the month of harvest and the power of the 9, which in Numerology is the symbol of wisdom and initiation and make a change together. 

Can you take the month to reduce your plastic trash? To give back to Mama Earth and challenge yourself a bit? What patterns and luxuries became normal but actually hurt your environment? I’d love to see you at my side on the journey and inspire others to do the same!



Here’s a short prep list for Plastic-Free September which helps you reduce plastics in your life:

  • Give up bottled drinks and instead have a reusable stainless steel bottle or travel mug (tried glass, I smashed it the first week)in your bag with you.
  • Say no to plastic shopping bags and instead have reusable cloth bags (for bread, oats etc) and totes to carry with you.
  • Instead of eating on the go out of plastic bowls, have your own container with you. I still use an old bento box for this, which is (arg!) made out of plastic and silicon. Looking for better alternatives and open for any suggestions!
  • Love to drink your smoothie or juice with a straw? Invest in reusable bamboo or stainless steel straws!
  • Instead of buying hemp or almond milk, start making it yourself at home and cool in glass bottles (also tastes sooo much better).
  • Let go of frozen foods – instead, buy fresh products on the farmers market and make soups or juice leftover veggies and fruits.
  • Use palm oil free organic soaps (e.g. from Farmers Market or local stores) instead of buying plastic bottles for body washes etc.

Well and now it’s your turn! See where else you can switch from producing trash to living a more sustainable and aware lifestyle. Some pages that helped me prepare and get inspiration were this and this.

Please share your journey on social media with #PlasticFreeSeptember and inspire others to show their heart and love for Mama Earth.

Together we can make a change.

Blessings on blessings




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