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Over the last years, I had the amazing opportunity to share some insights and life experiences in various Podcast Interviews in Germany and the US. While it’s still super strange to hear my own voice out there, I’m forever grateful that a lot of the content resonates with you. What I learned along the way is to never force anything but to keep on working on my inside (hello, soul!) and things will evolve on their own.

Truly, I know that one day can feel quite challenging and then the next can feel like pure bliss. The trick is to trust the journey and as a Virgo mine strongly lies in being of service to YOU #TeamVirgo If you know how to make yourself happy, the rest will follow. That’s something I can promise from experiencing many moons on this beautiful earth.

So let’s share some of the content that is out there. I decided to put the latest interviews talking about my Doula Work and Mama Blessings, developing Power of Ceremony and all the big fails along the way. Today, I’m sharing a quick overview of Podcast interviews so you can benefit best from all the juicy knowledge that lets you vibrate higher. Some are in English, some in German. As always: Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

This is a short and sweet overview of my latest Podcast Interviews for you:

Opening yourself up to Healing at The Radically Selfish Podcast by Michelle Keinan (Love you, Mama!)

Mama Blessings & Doula Work beim SanftMut Podcast von Katja Schendel

Gehe deinen authentischen Weg beim Happy, Holy & Confident Podcast von Laura Seiler

Interview über die Kraft der Veränderung beim Proud to be Sensibelchen von Maria Anna Schwarzberg

Was willst du wirklich? beim The Wonderwoman Podcast von Daniela Batista dos Santos

Enjoy listening, taking away some insights and vibrating to a higher level.



#FeelingIsHealing by Maria Christina Gabriel


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