Just like you, I need support. There are things that even the besties can’t help us move. Investing in yourself and building up a team of Healers, Body Worker, Breathworker, and Herbalists will help you throughout like to find and keep your balance. This is my Supported list of people I turn to and I’m happy to share it with you.

Mama Medicine | Shaman, Healer

St. Foxie  | Curandera, Breathwork

Paula Mallis | Conscious Conception, Doula

Sandy Sitron  | Astrology

Merav Gur Arie| Body-Mind-Integration

Erin Telford | Atemcoach

Nicole Adriana Casanova |  Soul Architecture

Tara Brach| Meditation

Nina Hossain | Ayurveda

Serap |  Cacao Mama

Dr. Patti Kim | Neupathic Medicine